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We use Project Wonderful for our 468x60 banner that you will find above all the photo galleries and pictures on the site. We also use DFP for Google to serve ads below all the photo galleries and pictures.

Project Wonderful uses an auction based system to determine which ad is displayed in the box. If you are the successful bidder your ad will remain in the box until your campaign ends, you run out of funds, or are outbid. This is beneficial in several ways as:

  1. It bids the lowest possible bid saving you money!
  2. You bid is only increased to the next pricing tier if there is another bid below your max cap
  3. If you are outbid past your max cap, you pay nothing!
  4. Prices are based on an entire day, so if you are only active for 12 hours, you only pay 50% of the daily rate
  5. Based on the $0.50 / day minimum, an ad for an entire month would only cost you $15 / month if you were the only ad

If you're looking for the traditional advertising DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) allows you to create your own campaign and focus on sites like ours based on their pricing model.

If you are interested in purchasing impressions specifically for this site on the lower DFP ad box, please contact [email protected] for more info.